opening scene

Ricky baker : gets up uncle drops the drawing & starts running zooms in on drawing

scene change door opens ricky runs in

ricky : uncle?! , uncle?! , Uncle?! , uncle?! (in a state of panic)

ricky finds uncle hec

uncle hec : uh even i cant stand his cooking anymore, we’ll hit off first thing in the morning aye

ricky : no! no! , they’re here ?! ricky in a panic state

uncle hec : who ?

psycho sam : Government ?! , Goverment ?! sam running around sorry , scuse me!

uncle hec : they see ya ?

ricky: no! but they’re close!

uncle hec : okay , get our stuff

ricky : Hey! what happened to my phone

psycho sam : i upgraded it for ya , you’re on 4 bars now

uncle hec : clown what have you done

other officers trying to hide in the bush

ricky : Uncle they’re close ?!

uncle hec : sam what is the fastest way out of here

psycho sam : jetpack

ricky : do you actually have a jetpack ?

psycho sam : NO! , what wait , ive got a underground bunker laughs crazily runs outside

scene change sam pulling away at newspapers opening a door

psycho sam : this tunnel leads directly to a underground tunnel- i havent dug it yet , ughhh what have i been doing with my life, thats it we’ve run out of options we should pretend to be dead , ill be here plays dead come on guys it only works if all of us do it

uncle hec : oh for christ sake sam , pull it together we need to get out of here right now , yelling what are we gonna do?!

psycho sam : trumpy ?!

uncle hec : what ???

psycho sam : trumpy will take ya

uncle hec : who the hell is trumpy ?! yelling

scene change psycho sam pulling away at branches and bush reveling a car

psycho sam : trumpy!

uncle hec : jesus does she even go

psycho sam : trumpy , un-killable 4 wheel drive , both wheels go four wheel drive

uncle hec : ricky where are you ??

psycho sam : ugh where did i put the keys

uncle hec : RICKY ??

car starts up

psycho sam : un-killable

uncle hec : ricky ?

ricky : panic get in ?!

uncle hec: ricky baker you are not driving this ute

ricky : get in the car !

police coming forward

uncle hec : shoot

bags chucked in the back of the ute uncle hec gets in the passengers seat

ricky : COOPER the dog jumps in the back

psycho sam : okay , ill hold up the goverment and buy you some time

uncle hec : thanks mate dont do anything stupid

psycho sam : laughs awkwardly me ? laughing runs off

uncle hec to ricky how’d you get this thing started

ricky : the knack smirking

scene change to driving off

psycho sam running out with a bush on his back trumpy

psycho sam looking skitterish, hide behind the bush on his back



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