Ricky Baker : c’mon give me some bars to communicate to the outside world walking around

Uncle Hec : okay take a look at this

Ricky baker : walks over to the poster oh uncle we’re famous *zooms in on the word “manhunt” , Hector falkner (65) and Richard Baker (13) have been missing for 6 weeks. faulkner is cau-caucasian , well they got that wrong cause your obviously white. there is a fear for falkners mental health following the recent death of his wife . police are not ruling out kidnapping. “Kiddnapping” ?! park rangers have been alearted and anyone seeing the pair should report to the nearest police station  , oh uncle your basically a criminal now , but on the bright side your famous

uncle hec : faceplams i think im crazy

ricky baker : and asian

uncle hec : stares at ricky


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  1. This will work really well – is there more dialogue, as that’s the most rich and valuable part of what you’ve transcribed so far.


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